Saturday, March 15, 2008

Raja Pannir Selvam

Do the lacunae in IP protection deter investors?

Hindu, India - 9 minutes ago

More worryingly, says Mr Selvam, when intellectual property law goes through these phases of field reality, the global investor wonders if his intellectual ...

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abhilash said...

Hello boss. You have pinted out right things in your IP article. I also think that the powers under sec 9 and 11 of the TM act should be judiciously excercised and a weak application shall fall on mat in the first stage itself. It is rightly pointed out by you that the publishing of these applications will lead to unneccesary litigation and burden on the system. I also that apart from training there should be made available more comprehenssive database of precedents of proocess and product. This will help in analysing the extent of improvements and will make the patent procedure more efficient.

Abhilash Malhotra, Advocate
New Delhi, India